Can I pay a cheque in online Metro Bank?

Can I pay a cheque in online Metro Bank?

You can do this through our mobile app, on online banking or in store. You can also call us on 0345 08 08 500 if you are a personal customer or 0345 08 08 508 if you are a business customer. If you’re in store, we’ll print your bank card and cheque book there and then.

How do I pay a cheque into Metro Bank?

To pay in cheques you’ll need a Metro Bank cheque envelope which will be sent to you via post and can take up to 5 working days to arrive. You’ll need to include a paying-in slip with the cheques, you can find the instructions on how to use this on the back of the cheque envelope.

How many days does it take for a cheque to clear?

How long cheques take to clear

Cheque deposited on You’ll receive your money on
Thursday (after cut-off time) Monday (after 2pm)
Friday (before cut-off time) Monday (after 2pm)
Friday (after cut-off time) Tuesday (after 2pm)
Saturday Tuesday (after 2pm)

How can I deposit check in Metrobank?

Go to any Metrobank branch and fill-out the blue deposit slip.

  1. Indicate the Fund Account Number and Fund Account Name. Fund Name. Fund Account Number. First Metro Save And Learn Dollar Bond Fund, Inc. 292-2-292-01047-2.
  2. Choose mode of payment.
  3. Indicate your Name, Contact No. and Address.
  4. Indicate the amount to be invested.

Can a cheque clear on the same day?

Most UK banks now use cheque imaging, which allows cheques to clear faster – by 23:59 the next weekday (except bank holidays) and in many cases, earlier (as long as the cheque hasn’t bounced).

How do I deposit a cheque into another bank account?

1. Fill out a deposit slip.

  1. Fill in the account number of the account you’re depositing the check into.
  2. Write the date.
  3. Write your name and address.
  4. Fill in the amount of each check that you’re depositing.

What is the difference between a bank cheque and a personal cheque?

A bank check is often treated as cash because it is drawn upon a bank account and funds are withdrawn immediately. This is why a bank check is guaranteed funds. A personal check is a form of payment that is drawn from an account, but not guaranteed until presented and cleared by the back at that exact time.