Do builders refill gas bottles?

Do builders refill gas bottles?

Yes, as a registered Builders account holder you can purchase gas refills and replacements online – with options for delivery, or in-store collection.

Is it legal to refill gas bottles?

The refilling of rented gas cylinders is illegal and could see you prosecuted for theft; it’s also extremely dangerous. Quite rightly the industry has serious concerns about this practice and wants to stamp it out.

Do Bunnings fill gas bottles?

Simply drop off your empty gas cylinder, pay for your replacement in-store and pick up a full replacement bottle and you’ll be cooking your BBQ in no time. You can also purchase new gas cylinders at Bunnings if you don’t already have one. Please note: 9kg gas bottles are filled to 8.5kg.

How much is it to refill a gas bottle?

Gas Filling Station

Type Retail Price (Incl. GST)
Origin Decant Refill Bottle 1.25 kg $8.99
Origin Decant Refill Bottle 2 kg $10.99
Origin Decant Refill Bottle 3 kg $11.99
Origin Decant Refill Bottle 3.3 kg $12.99

How long does 9kg gas last?

This converts into 0.555 kg/h of lpg consumption. Therefore a 9 kg bottle would last 16 hours of continuous usage with all burners operating. For the average home a 9 kg will last 1-3 months for cooking.

How much is the deposit on a 9kg gas cylinder?

If you do not have your own gas cylinder this option is best for you, the price includes gas plus the cylinder (R345 deposit on the cylinder).

Can I refill small propane bottles?

You can completely fill the small tank (to the 1 lb. it had when new) if you warm the large container and chill the small container. In fact, you can easily fill it with more propane than it had when you bought it. If you cannot fill it to the original capacity, then you do not have the large tank warm enough.

Can you refill butane bottles?

Butane is pretty safe to use for refilling. Do NOT fill backpacking type canisters with 100% propane under any circumstances. The next step in refilling is to hook everything up.

How much does it cost to fill a 8.5 kg gas bottle?

So, BBQ gas refill prices and 8.5 kg SWAP’n’GO gas bottles swap price are also set independently by the dealers….

SWAP’n’GO® Gas Bottle Sizes SWAP’n’GO Gas Bottle Prices Low Range* SWAP’n’GO Gas Bottle Prices Upper Range*
8.5 kg gas bottle swap price Mid $20s Low $40s
3.7 kg gas bottle swap price ≈$20 Mid $30s

Where can I refill my gas bottle in Canberra?

I’ve also heard of a couple of places you can get a refill, but not on a Sunday, and apparently the old reliable BBQ’s Galore is always out of gas. Probably because it’s the only place in Canberra that can refill gas bottles for 350,000 people. My gas bottles are for camping appliances (cookers and such) which need a 3/8 connector.

What size gas bottle can I refill at home?

Gas bottle refill storage can range in size from a 4kg gas cylinder refill to a 210kg LPG gas bottle-cylinder refill. Larger bulk LPG tanks can also be used for LPG refill storage. Gas bottle refills at home are based on 45 kg gas bottle refill price per litre, not per bottle, as with exchange.

Can I refill my gas cylinder in a BCF store?

Yes, in over 130 BCF stores you can bring along your gas cylinder and purchase a refill. BCF Coburg is only able to offer a swap ‘n go service. BCF Greenslopes and BCF Oxenford stores offer a swap ‘n go service, as well as being able to refill bottles.

How much does it cost to replace a BBQ gas bottle?

*Actual LPG bottle BBQ gas refill for 9kg and 4kg gas bottles exchange replacement is an 8.5kg and 3.7kg SWAP’n’GO LPG gas bottle BBQ gas refill (LPG gas cylinder refill), respectively. At the time of writing, typical SWAP’n’GO gas bottle prices range from the mid $20s to the low $40s for 8.5 kg gas bottles.