How do I find an article online?

How do I find an article online?

Journal & Article LocatorGo to the Library homepage and click the “Databases and Journals” tab. Search for the journal name.Click on the “E-Journal Keyword Matches.”This will take you to the “Online Journals and Databases” page from the previous section on this page, “Online Journals and Databases”.

What is the easiest way to find an article when you have a citation?

Drilling down by journal titleOnce you have found your journal you may be able to search for your article title within it: look for a link that says “Search within this publication,” or similar. Or “drill down” to find your article by selecting first the date, then the volume, issue, and page number in your citation.

How do you find the source of a citation?

Finding an Article Using Citation InformationTake a look at your citation and identify the journal, magazine or newspaper title. Take your article citation and go to the library homepage: Click on the “e-Journals” link to access our searchable list of online periodicals.

How do you see how many times a paper has been cited?

Navigate to Google Scholar, which can be found under “G” in “Find a Database”. Here you simply search for the article in which you are interested. Under the link, you can see the number of times the article has been cited.

How often is Google Scholar updated?

So that’s the answer to how often Google Scholar updates its citation counts: every other day.