How do I find my BSB number?

How do I find my BSB number?

Your BSB number can be found by searching for the branch in which you opened your account. The BSB number will show in the search results alongside the branch location and hours of operation. On your statements. Your BSB and account number will appear on your statement copies.

What is the BSB number for Credit Union Australia?

Credit Union Australia

No Bank or Institution BSB Number
1 Credit Union Australia 814-282
2 Credit Union Australia 814-232
3 Credit Union Australia 814-999

What is the BSB for Macquarie bank?

BSB Number for Macquarie Bank

ID Bank BSB Number
1 Macquarie Bank 182-266
2 Macquarie Bank 182-670
3 Macquarie Bank 182-555
4 Macquarie Bank 182-909

What is BSB name?

BSB stands for Bank State Branch. The BSB is a six-digit number that is used to identify a bank code and its associated branch in Australia.

Which bank is this BSB 814 282?

BSB Details for 814-282 – Credit Union Australia Ltd in Australia.

What bank is BSB 182182?

Australia BSB Number 182-182 – Macquarie Bank

BSB Number 182-182
Bank Macquarie Bank
Financial Institution MBL
Address 1 Shelley Street

How many digits do bank accounts have?

8 digits
An account number in the UK contains 8 digits. Some banks in the UK offer shorter account numbers (i.e. 7 digits) and in this case, you can enter ‘0’ at the start of the number to make the length up to 8 (when filling out forms online and so on).

How do you use a BSB number?

A BSB code is a six-digit number used to identify the individual branch of an Australian financial institution. The BSB code is used in addition to the bank account number to identify the recipient of a transfer. It’s much like a SWIFT code, but used for local, rather than international transfers.

How can I find my SWIFT code?

SWIFT codes are 8 to 11 characters long and made of both letters and numbers. You can typically find them on a bank statement or on your bank’s website.

What BSB 182?

182-182, BSB Number for Macquarie Bank, Sydney, NSW.

What is Macquarie Bank Swift code?

Macquarie SWIFT code: MACQAU2S XXX.