How do I verify my MGU degree certificate?

How do I verify my MGU degree certificate?


  1. The Organizations approaching for third party verification of candidates shall contact the Examination branch at [email protected]
  2. The University will charge a nominal amount of Rs.
  3. The Hard copies of the Original DD’s are to be sent to the following Address:

What is MG university enrollment number?

For any queries call us at. Contact No. 91+8130296297.

Is MGU Meghalaya a fake university?

Yes, Mahatma Gandhi University, Meghalaya certificates are valid. Because, this university is UGC(University Grants Commission) recognised. All certificates of any degree course are valid which are provided by this university except B. Ed.

How do I check my MG University certificate online?

How can I check whether my course is recognised by MG University? Click on Check Eligibility link, select the university and course level then click on search button. Will list the recognised courses along with the list of documents needed for applying.

How do I check my application status for MGU?

[email protected] * Status of the application will be sent to you via Email and SMS, or the applicant can view the status by login to their account. * Click on Application Status link. It will display applications along with status shown in the status column.

How many ranks are there in MG University?

Mahatma Gandhi University

country rank 79
world rank 3840

What to do if there are any discrepancies in MGU Nalgonda result 2021?

If any discrepancies are found in MGU Nalgonda Exam result 2021, candidates should immediately visit Mahatma Gandhi University and let the university authorities know. They will resolve the problem and candidates will be provided a new rectified result. Ques.

When will MGU UG 4th semester results be released?

MGU Degree 4th Semester Regular Examination Results Nov/De 2020 – Results Link (Released On 1st March 2021) UG Instant Examinations Results – January 2021 – Results link (Released on 31-01-2021.) UG II Year Instant Examinations Results – January 2021 – Results link (Released on 31-01-2021) Results announced on 31-01-2021.

Where is MGU university located?

MGU is located in Nalgonda district, Telangana State, India. Formerly the university was named Nalgonda University. There are a total of 5 faculties consisting of 15 Departments. MGU University offers UG, PG, and Engineering courses in the University departments.

How do I apply for revaluation in MGU?

MGU Students of MGU who have passed in the previous semester but are not satisfied with their result can apply for revaluation of the papers after the regular results have been declared on the official website. Students have to apply within 7-10 days from the declaration of results. The revaluation fee for each subject is 200 INR.