How do you cut 1000 words?

How do you cut 1000 words?

The following are some tips for cutting back.Start with the big picture. Look for entire sections first, then paragraphs, sentences, and words. Look for long examples. Summarize, summarize, summarize. Cut out repetition. Chop ancillary topics. Look for unnecessary words (e.g. that or very). Look for colloquial speech.

Is it better to write in 1st or 3rd person?

While first-person writing offers intimacy and immediacy between narrator and reader, third-person narration offers the potential for both objectivity and omniscience. This effectively makes both forms of narration appealing to both first-time and seasoned writers.

Why is it good to write in first person?

First-person immediately puts the reader inside the narrator’s head, which allows for an intimate portrayal of thoughts and emotions. By writing in first-person you can deliver the entire story in your narrator’s voice, giving the text a clear identity and submerging the reader further into the world you are creating.

Why is second person bad?

The Disadvantages Writing in second-person has to be done carefully to avoid poor writing. The main issue with second-person is how much character you impart to the reader. Embed too little and they become a bland audience surrogate with no development, too much and the reader may fight back.