Is Busuu trustworthy?

Is Busuu trustworthy?

Never, Busuu it’s a SCAM. They charge you even if you cancel the subscription.

Is Busuu better than Duolingo?

Duolingo is a solid option for those that are just curious about language learning, but their courses aren’t suitable for more serious students. Busuu does take things a step further, with more grammar explanations, better audio, and all-around more comprehensive courses, though there are still some weaknesses.

Is it worth getting Busuu premium?

Busuu Premium. If you’re not an absolute beginner and are serious about learning the language, then you should consider paying for the Busuu Premium plan. The premium plan allows you to access a whole lot more language learning content and is worth paying for.

Can you learn a language with Busuu?

With Busuu, you can learn up to 12 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish and Polish. With a Premium Plus membership, you can try them all and study multiple languages, simply switching from one language to the other.

What is better than Busuu?

Are there any alternatives to Busuu?

  • Memrise – Memrise has a great focus on learning the basics of languages, and has really good app integration.
  • Rosetta Stone – one of the oldest language lesson providers, Rosetta Stone is a great alternative to Busuu.

Does Busuu have Mexican Spanish?

Busuu does the same but at a much less rate. Instead, it pushes you to practice with real native speakers from their community. This fact is especially important if you want to learn a specific dialect like Colombian Spanish, Argentine Spanish, Mexican Spanish, or Peruvian Spanish.

Is Busuu a Chinese app?

Try This Free Mandarin Chinese Language-Learning App – Busuu.

Does Busuu give certificates?

In 2015, Busuu formed a partnership with McGraw-Hill Education, one of the world’s largest and most respected education companies. If you successfully pass a test, you will receive an official level completion certificate awarded by McGraw-Hill Education.