Is Oxford insurance the same as UnitedHealthcare?

Is Oxford insurance the same as UnitedHealthcare?

Oxford Health Plans is a part of the UnitedHealthcare Company. Medical plans can generally be purchased in 3 states: Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York. Coverage is available to individuals, families, and employers.

Is Oxford Health Plan an HMO?

Oxford offers a variety of HMO products which allow Members to receive care from the physician of their choice within our extensive, credentialed network. These HMO plans are only available with the Liberty Network, which includes approximately 30,000 providers.

Is Oxford Health Plans HMO or PPO?

Oxford Group Health Plans Oxford offers (HMO) plans POS plans, PPO and EPO plans, as well as provides dental insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid plans.

Is Oxford freedom an HMO?

For Members who prefer to visit our in-network physicians without a referral, Oxford developed the HMO Select. Both the Freedom Network and Liberty Network are available with this product. Variations of Oxford’s HMO products are available in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Did UnitedHealthcare buy Oxford?

UnitedHealth Group Inc. said Monday that it will acquire Oxford Health Plans Inc. in a stock and cash transaction worth approximately $4.9 billion. Oxford stockholders will receive 0.6357 UnitedHealth shares for each share they own, plus $16.17 in cash, UnitedHealth said. …

Who owns Oxford Health Plans?

UnitedHealth Group
PacifiCare Health Systems
Oxford Health Plans, Inc./Parent organizations

What HMO Select?

You choose a primary care physician to coordinate your care and costs are straightforward — so you know what you will pay for treatment. The Select HMO plan offers you: Affordable health benefits — You have low copays and no deductible. In some cases, you pay nothing out of pocket.

What’s the difference between Oxford liberty and freedom?

A: The difference between Freedom Plan Direct/Liberty Plan Direct and other Oxford products is that in-network care at a hospital, outpatient facility, radiology facility that care is subject to a deductible and coinsurance. Q: What plan designs are available with Freedom Plan Direct/Liberty Plan Direct?

Does UnitedHealthcare own Oxford?

Oxford Health Plans Announces Agreement to Merge With UnitedHealthcare.

Does Oxford insurance require referrals?

A Referral from a Participating Oxford Provider is not necessary. Members with non-gated plans have “No Referral Required” printed on their Oxford ID cards.

Does United own Oxford?

UnitedHealth Group Inc. said Monday that it will acquire Oxford Health Plans Inc. in a stock and cash transaction worth approximately $4.9 billion. The merger would create one of the largest health insurers in the Northeast.

What is the Oxford Liberty Network?

The Oxford Liberty Network is often a more aff ordable option for New York employers than our larger Freedom Network, while still providing broad access for employees. An Oxford Liberty Network plan design can be included as one of the plans in a dual-option off ering, letting your employees choose what works best for them and their families.

How do I request an HMO plan from Oxford?

Request more information via e-mail; employer groups can also call 800-449-8880. Oxford has always offered traditional HMO plans for those who like to stay in-network and have their care coordinated by a primary care physician (PCP).

How can my employees find an Oxford Freedom Network provider?

How your employees can find an Oxford Freedom Network provider: Search with or without an Oxford user name and password: Go to and click on Members. Click on Find a Physician or Facility on the home page.

What is the Oxford consumer options suite?

The Oxford Consumer Options Suite includes an electronic point-of-enrollment tool kit that offers clients the ability to choose from three Oxford plans with three price ranges: Freedom Plan Access, Freedom Plan Classic and Freedom Plan Direct.