Is Shopacheck still trading?

Is Shopacheck still trading?

YORKSHIRE doorstep lender Shopacheck Financial Services (SFS) has been sold. Combining MCL, currently ranked at number four, with SFS will form a new business with over 500 employees and 2,100 agents, creating the largest independent home collected credit business in the UK, Rcapital says.

What happens if I dont pay Morses Club?

What Morses Club can do? Just remember Morses Club don’t charge any late or missed payment fees and we will always try to give you some extra breathing space on your repayments if you need it.

Is Provident part of Morses?

Is Morses Club part of Provident? Morses Club and Provident Personal Credit are two completely unrelated businesses, but both offer home credit.

Who are Morses Club?

Morses Club is a doorstep loans provider. Our loans are designed with our customers in mind– affordable weekly repayments collected by your agent, or via our Customer App. We are one of the largest home credit providers in the UK and pride ourselves on our friendly, personal service. Find out more about doorstep loans.

Is Shopacheck part of Provident?

On 1st March 2015, Morses Club merges with Shopacheck Financial Services Ltd to become one of the largest home collected credit providers in the UK. Morses Club is now an established Doorstep Lender with over 200,000 customers throughout the UK.

How do I claim against Provident?

To make a claim for compensation you’ll need to write a letter of complaint to the Provident. You’ll need to explain how you were irresponsibly lent to and include the evidence. You can find a template from Debt Camel here. Wait up to eight weeks to hear back from them.

Do Morses Club do credit checks?

Do Morses Club do credit checks? Yes – a credit check is carried out after you fill in the online application form, and it will tell you in less than a minute whether you have been successful or not.

Can I pay morses with a credit card?

We do not accept credit cards as a means of repayment; however, we do accept most major debit cards excluding Electron and American Express.

Are Provident going into liquidation?

Provident Financial is to close its doorstep lending business, 141 years after it was first started, in a move that will put 2,100 jobs at risk. The sub-prime lender will seek to either sell or wind down its consumer credit arm.