What are pseudonyms in research?

What are pseudonyms in research?

A pseudonym is a fictional name assigned to give anonymity to a person, group, or place. Pseudonyms are very useful for research in sensitive topics, particularly with regard to deviant or criminal behavior. When pseudonyms are used, it is important that this be clearly identified in any dissemination of findings.

How is pseudonym used in a case study?

Using pseudonyms: Use a pseudonym only when your focus on the study site is significant, as when you are providing an in-depth case study rather than simply turning to a single institution for convenience. The danger of pseudonyms is that the made up name you choose may refer to an institution that actually exists.

How do you cite a pseudonym?

When it comes to citing an author, cite whatever name is used by the source, whether it be a real name or a pseudonym. For example, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer lists Mark Twain as its author, not Samuel Clemens, so you should cite the author’s pseudonym rather than his real name.

How do you write a pseudonym in an essay?

Pseudonym sentence examplesThese were published under the pseudonym of J. Rene Paquet, under the pseudonym of Neree Quepat, should also be named. In both societies he was known as Il Lasca or Leuciscus, and this pseudonym is still frequently substituted for his proper name.

What’s a pseudonym example?

A pseudonym (pronounced SOO-do-nim) is a fake name that a person or group uses for a special purpose. It might be a stage name or a pen name, like “Dr. Seuss,” the alias used by a hacker, or the alter ego of a superhero, like “Batman.”

What is a good sentence for pseudonym?

1 George Eliot was the pseudonym of Mary Ann Evans. 2 He writes estimable poetry under a pseudonym. 3 He wrote under the pseudonym ‘Silchester’. 4 She writes under a pseudonym .

What makes a good pseudonym?

Choosing a pseudonym can be as daunting as naming a character, especially since the character is you. The simplest pen name would be a variation of your own name, such as a middle name, nickname, or initials. Many authors change only their last name so they don’t have to remember what first name to use at conferences.

Why you shouldn’t use a pen name?

Pen names can complicate social gatherings, especially if you forget and introduce yourself to someone under your given name or fail to respond when someone calls you by your pen name. Also, conferences and signings may become challenging if you’re juggling two names.

Should I write under a pseudonym?

To use or not use a pen name or pseudonym is a personal choice. There’s not really a right or wrong answer on this—unless you do share a name with a well-known author and/or celebrity. Just remember: If you do use one, be ready to take on that new persona (even if it’s very similar to your actual identity).

Is Stephen King a pen name?

Richard BachmanThe KingThe King of horror

What is Stephen King’s real name?

Stephen Edwin King

What disease does Naomi King have?

It is an odd twist of fate that Stephen King’s first child, Naomi, was born with a chronic deficit of the hormone adrenaline. She grew, over time, to be an avid reader, but the power of her father’s books was lost on her, as terror, she believes, is a hard emotion for her to access.

How many pen names does Stephen King have?

King has published 61 novels, including seven under the pen name Richard Bachman, and five non-fiction books….Stephen KingKing in 2007BornSeptem Portland, Maine, U.S.Pen nameRichard Bachman John Swithen Beryl EvansOccupationAuthor9

Is Elena Ferrante a pen name?

Elena Ferrante is a woman without a face, whose identity is known only to her Italian publisher, E/O. Her name is a pseudonym, its sound a discreet homage to the great Italian novelist Elsa Morante, author of “Arturo’s Island” — whose work, Ferrante says here, she has always appreciated.

What other name does Stephen King go by?

Richard Bachman

Why does Stephen King’s son have a different last name?

Joe’s middle name is Hillstrom. He dropped King and half of his middle name so he could be judged on his own for his writing talents, not his father’s.

Does Stephen King have a son?

Joe HillOwen King

What does nos482 mean?

NOS4A2 (pronounced Nosferatu) is the third novel by American author Joe Hill, son of authors Stephen and Tabitha King. The book was published on Ap through William Morrow and Company and focuses on a woman trying to save her son from a vicious, supernatural killer who has set his sights on him.