What does Deb mean on my statement?

What does Deb mean on my statement?

Meaning in Banking. DebentureA debt that is not backed by collateral, but only by the credit and good faith of the borrower.

What is DEP bank statement?

Some transactions appear as codes in your statement….Payment Codes.

Payment code Payment type
Payment code DD Payment type Direct Debit
Payment code DEB Payment type Debit Card
Payment code DEP Payment type Deposit

What does LST mean on a Halifax bank statement?

supplementary list
A supplementary list is a group of transactions of a similar type – for example, BACS payments. These appear on your statement as a single entry and are identified by ‘LST’ in the Type column.

How do I track my POS transaction?

Contact your debit card issuer and contest the transaction. They will provisionally credit your account and track down the origin of the transaction. They have the means and experience to support you; give them a chance. Register a complaint with your bank.. they will do it for you..

What is the full form of DEP?

DEP Full Form

Full Form Category Term
Delayed Entry Program Military and Defence DEP
Deployed Military and Defence DEP
Don’t Expect Protection Military and Defence DEP
Distributed Engineering Plant Military and Defence DEP

What does TFR mean on a bank statement?

transferred money between bank accounts
TFR – Transfer If you see TFR on your bank statement, it means you’ve transferred money between bank accounts.

Can I use POS to check my account balance?

Checking your balance Switch on the Pos Terminal. Press MENU or OK. Use the Scroll keys to select ‘Account Balance’ on the Menu and then press Ok. The Terminal will display your current account balance.

What does BP mean in currency?

BP. British Pound. Trading, Chart, Business.

What is DEP in slang?

dependent. dependent is used in Slang. The word dep is used in Slang meaning dependent.

What does DEP stand for in education?

Diploma of Vocational Studies
DEP is the acronym for “Diploma of Vocational Studies” in French. A DEP program can last anywhere from 600 to 1800 hours and prepares students to train in a profession to directly enter the job market.

What does FT mean in bank?

Funds Transfer
A Funds Transfer (FT) contract is a transaction whereby funds are moved from the account of one party (called the remitter) to another party (called the beneficiary).