What does OHP mean in insurance?

What does OHP mean in insurance?

Welcome to the Oregon Health Plan! Welcome to the Oregon Health Plan (OHP). OHP is free health coverage from the State of Oregon. People who meet income and other requirements can get the Oregon Health Plan. OHP covers medical, dental, and mental health care. It also covers help with addictions.

What is OHP Ccog?

Most OHP members are enrolled in a coordinated care organization (CCO). CCOs are groups of providers and plans for OHP members. A CCO takes care of all your OHP medical, dental and mental health care. Most counties only have one CCO. about your primary care provider, your CCO and health benefits.

What does BMH OHP Plus mean?

OHP Plus (BMH) is the most comprehensive benefit. It covers most health care services. For non-pregnant adults age 21 or older, OHP Plus (BMM, BMH and BMD) covers medical eye exams for any eye condition except for “disorders of refraction and accommodation” (e.g., nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism).

How do you check if I have OHP?

How to Verify OHP Eligibility and CCO Enrollment

  1. Provider Web Portal – https://www.or-medicaid.gov. After login, click “Eligibility” to get started.
  2. Automated Voice Response – 866-692-3864. After login, press 1 for Recipient Eligibility.
  3. 270/271 Transaction.

How do I check my OHP coverage?

Does OHP cover MRI?

OHP has coverage criteria for several studies defined throughout the Prioritized List (PL), including lumbar spine MRI defined in Diagnostic Guidelines D4. For all requests, ensure records include pertinent history, a current physical exam and the reason for the study.

How do I check my Medicaid status in Oregon?

What does OHP cover for pregnancy?

Your medical care during your pregnancy – from head to toe – is covered. Physical health, behavioral health, dental care, prenatal vitamins, immunizations, quitting tobacco – it’s all covered. And after your baby is born, you’re still covered for two more months. Maybe longer, if you reapply to the Oregon Health Plan.

What is my OHP number?

Contact OHP Customer Service at 800-699-9075 (TTY 711) if you: Have questions about eligibility. Become pregnant or your pregnancy ends. Need to change your mailing address, email address or phone number.

How does the health insurance group measure TPL errors?

Payment Error Rate Measurement The Health Insurance Group verifies third party insurance (TPL) for Medicaid eligible clients. If the insurance meets TPL criteria HIG updates MMIS (Medicaid Management Information System) which is the Medicaid claims payment system. When TPL is accurate in MMIS, Medicaid claims pay or deny correctly.

How do I apply for OHP?

You can apply for OHP any time. Apply online, in person, or by mail. New to OHP? Start here! Learn how to get physical, mental health, & dental care

When do I need to report TPL information to Oregon?

They also need to report if the insurance ends or if there are changes to the policies. Providers and coordinated care organizations who provide services to individuals covered by Oregon Medical Assistance programs also need to report if they discover TPL information that is different from the information the state currently has.