What does SCLA mean in insurance?

What does SCLA mean in insurance?

Senior Claim Law Associate
Senior Claim Law Associate (SCLA) — claims law specialist designation offered by the American Educational Institute (AEI).

What is a SCLA designation?

The ultimate designation a claims professional can earn is the SCLA (Senior Claim Law Associate). Furthermore, by earning an AEI designation, a student becomes eligible to join the Society of Claim Law Associates, an organization dedicated to claims education and professionalism.

How do I get FCLS designation?

Students earn the FCLS designation by first completing the Fraud program. They then earn the FCLA designation by completing the Legal Principles program. Students earn this designation when they complete the Legal Principles program first. Students earn the PCLS designation by first completing the Property program.

Is the Scla legit?

The Society for Collegiate Leadership & Achievement (SCLA) is a multi-disciplinary honor society with 60,000+ members at 600+ colleges nationwide.

How much does CPCU designation cost?

CPCU® Designation Costs The cost of the CPCU® designation varies widely depending on your choice of study material and exam registration. On average, the CPCU® will cost between $3,500 to $5,000. Each exam costs about $320 and study material ranges between $150 to $400 per exam.

What does FCLS mean?


Acronym Definition
FCLS Fraud Claim Law Specialist
FCLS Fordham College of Liberal Studies (New York)
FCLS Four County Library System (New York)
FCLS First Corporate Law Services (est. 1994; Cardiff, UK)

Do you get a cord for SCLA?

SCLA honor cords are available for members to purchase. If you’re interested in purchasing a cord, please contact [email protected]

Does SCLA invite everyone?

May I apply for membership? SCLA always welcomes new qualified members! If you meet our eligibility criteria but there is not an on-campus chapter at your school, please apply for an Online Membership.

What is AIS certification in insurance?

The Associate in Insurance Services (AIS) is a professional certification in the insurance industry that emphasizes general knowledge about the industry, its products, and its regulatory landscape.