What insurance do you need for Pony Parties?

What insurance do you need for Pony Parties?

Yes! Pony Parties operate with full Public Liability Insurance. Have you ever had an accident?

Do you need liability insurance for a horse?

If you board horses (even for short stays), you should obtain care, custody and control liability insurance. This insurance protects you from liability should a horse in your care suffer an injury or die.

What is horse liability insurance?

Equine Liability insurance helps protect you from third party bodily injury and property damage for which you are legally liable.

What are my rights as a horse boarder?

At Equine Legal Solutions, we receive a lot of calls from horse owners who are unhappy with a situation at their boarding stable and want to know their “legal rights.” The short answer is that boarders have only the legal rights given to them by their boarding contract (if they have one) and relevant case law.

What is private horse owner liability?

The Private Horse Owner’s Liability policy protects the insured against legal claims that their horse caused bodily injury or property damage to a third party on or off premises—even if their horse is kept at an independently owned stable.

What is a specialized horse liability policy?

A CGL policy is designed to cover many situations involving horses. It can help protect you from claims brought against you as a result of your horse operation. CGL coverage applies to the specialized needs of operations involving horse-drawn carriages, sleighs, hay rides, pony rides and more.

What is a horse boarder responsible for?

A good boarding contract legally binds and commits to writing the agreement between the stable owner and horse owner as to the care, feeding and protection of the horse. The contract should also address liability of the parties in the event of injury, sickness or death of your horse.

What is an Agister Lien?

The agister lien is a special type of possessory lien that applies when one person takes care of livestock belonging to another. The statutes exist in all 50 states, but vary widely. Some permit you to lien an animal for food and board. Others permit liens for additional training and care services.

How much is horse trainer insurance?

Premiums for General Liability starting as low at $725.00 per year with no charge for certificates of insurance. Most policies include Care, Custody and Control at no charge with higher limits available. Worldwide coverage. Liability Limits starting from $250,000 to $2,000,000 available.

What is horse mortality insurance?

An Equine Mortality Insurance Policy is an all perils life insurance policy for your horse. You are covered against theft of your horse or loss from a covered accident, illness, disease, injury or humane destruction.

Do you need insurance for a pony club?

Please see below useful documents for clubs regarding The Pony Club insurance policy: Membership of The Pony Club automatically includes third party liability cover for all member’s equestrian activities.

Why do you need liability insurance for a petting zoo?

Liability policies are designed to help protect you if you are sued by a third party who is injured or whose property is damaged. A third party is generally someone who is not a family member or employee. The policy covers defense costs and pays claims for which you are legally liable up to the policy limits.

Can a farm owner be sued for a pony ride?

Equine Liability Laws may help you provide a defense in the event of an equine incident but they will not prevent you from being sued. Homeowners and standard Farmowners policies exclude commercial equine activities. Without adequate liability coverage you will have to pay damages and defense costs yourself.

Who is the Pony Club Association of NSW?

The Pony Club Association of NSW Insurance is through Gow Gate Insurance Brokers we have arranged Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance for The Pony Club Association of New South Wales Inc, all affiliated Pony Clubs, all members of affiliated Pony Clubs, all authorised Pony Club Grounds, Directors, Officials, Employees and Volunteers.