What is the average life of a commercial building?

What is the average life of a commercial building?

The lifespan of a commercial building on average ranges from 50 to 60 years and can go further depending on the preservation techniques employed by the owner and the way the building is utilized. Every structure is unique, and its endurance depends on its build quality and maintenance management.

What is the typical life of a building?

Ideally, the average lifespan of any concrete structure is 75-100 years. But, it is considered that the average life of an apartment is 50-60 years while of a house it is 40 years.

How many years a building can last?

Life of a building The average life-span of a project that has been built on quality construction parameters is around 80 years.

How do I find the life of my previous building?


  1. Equipments used for HEALTH CHECK UP of the building are:
  2. REBOUND HAMMER: It senses the soundness of concrete up to a marginal depth.
  3. IMPACT ECHO TESTER: Finds out defects in the interior of concrete.
  4. ULTRASONIC TESTERS: Scans through the concrete for the full depth/thickness.

What is the economic life of a commercial building?

Economic life refers to the amount of time an element is in service before its replacement is more advantageous economically than the continued maintenance that will be required to keep it in service.

What is the life of RCC building?

The lifespan of RCC generally is taken as 100 years. However, there are some expected as well as prevalent conventions about design life span, which are given here: Monumental Structures like temple, mosque or church etc – 500 to 1000 years. Steel Bridges, Steel Building or similar structures – 100 to 150 years.

Can buildings last forever?

While some buildings will last for more than 50 to 60 years without problems, some will start developing problems after few years of construction. The designs used in concrete buildings also play a part in how long they will last.

What is the life span of a building?

Category 4: Building structures and other common structures – 50 years. Category 5: Monumental building structures, bridges and other civil engineering structures – 100 years. The design life of some components may be affected by environmental factors such as: Moisture, humidity and rain. Wind . Temperature and temperature fluctuations .

What’s the recovery period for a commercial property?

If you are a tax-exempt organization, use the property less than 50% for your business, are a farmer or you simply elect to, you can use the slightly less aggressive ADS, which has a building recovery period of 40 years. For residential rental property, the GDS recovery period is 27.5 years.

When did commercial buildings start to be built?

• Typically found within towns and cities • Common between 1900 and 1940s • Typically angled corner entry oriented toward street intersection • Sometimes detached, though often part of commercial streetscapes Corner Store

When does the first life stage of a building occur?

The first life stage of a building occurs up to the end of the first (or second year), depending on the types of warranties on the project. Maintenance. The primary focus at this stage is to conduct the prescribed maintenance to preserve the warranties on the new assets, which also includes inspections to identify any warranty defects.