What is the divers Alert Network insurance?

What is the divers Alert Network insurance?

The Divers Alert Network (DAN) is your scuba diving safety association. DAN provides protection for scuba divers with Worldwide Emergency Evacuation Coverage (with your DAN Membership) and optional Dive Injury Insurance Plans, for chamber and hospital costs following a covered diving accident.

What all does Dan insurance cover?

DAN provides coverage to help sick or injured divers. There are two components: DAN Membership providing Worldwide Emergency Evacuation Coverage, and DAN Dive Injury Insurance, covering treatment costs associated with a covered diving incident.

Does Dan have an app?

DAN Southern Africa – DAN App Overview.

How much does diving insurance cost?

COST of Dive Assure Scuba Diving Travel Insurance: Gold Plan – $79 for 1 month. Platinum – $129 for a year.

How much does it cost to join DAN?

How much does DAN membership cost? Divers can become a DAN member for an annual fee of only US$40 for an individual or US$60 for a family. Dive operators and businesses can become members for US$100 per year.

What app is the Dan Patrick Show on?

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Where is the Dan Patrick app?

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What is a DAN card?

DAN membership includes automatic enrollment in DAN TravelAssist®. Benefits are available for both diving and non-diving emergencies, with a combined benefit limit up to $150,000 ($100,000 for residents of MN and NY) for Emergency Medical Transportation and Travel Assistance Benefits.

How long is DAN Insurance Good For?

No, all DAN RRG policies are for a one-year (12-month) terms. We do not offer short-term policies. Am I covered to teach rebreathers or tech diving? Yes, you may customize your policy by adding the endorsement to include the Rebreather and/or Technical Dive Training endorsement at no additional charge.

What is the Divers Alert Network?

The Divers Alert Network (DAN) is the diving industry’s largest association dedicated to scuba diving safety. Serving scuba divers for more than 30 years, DAN provides emergency assistance, medical information resources, educational opportunities and more.

Where can I find information about diving accidents?

Divers Alert Network. Services to the general public usually include diving medical advice and training in first aid for diving accidents. DAN America and DAN Europe maintain databases on diving accidents, treatment and fatalities, and crowd-sourced databases on dive profiles uploaded by volunteers which are used for ongoing research programmes.

Are You emergency prepared for diving abroad?

For divers, it is imperative to practice good aural hygiene and keep ears in good health. Learn more about ears and diving. Emergency preparedness goes beyond having over-the-counter medications and bandages. While abroad, proper emergency planning consists of knowing where local hospitals are and who to call in case of dire emergencies.

What is the International Diving Hotline organization?

It was founded in Durham, North Carolina, United States, in 1980 at Duke University providing 24/7 telephonic hot-line diving medical assistance. Since then the organization has expanded globally and now has independent regional organizations in North America, Europe, Japan, Asia-Pacific and Southern Africa.