What is the lowest military decoration?

What is the lowest military decoration?

List of United States Military Medals By Precedence

Order Decoration Name
1 Medal of Honor
2 Distinguished Service Cross (Army)
3 Navy Cross
4 Air Force Cross

What ribbon do you get for serving in Korea?

The medal hangs from a ribbon of green (symbolizing Korea), blue (indicating overseas service and commitment to peace), gold (excellence) and white (idealism and integrity). The KDSM period of eligibility is from July 28, 1954, to a future date to be determined by the Secretary of Defense.

What qualifies as a short tour?

There are 2 types of tour designations, long tours (24+ months) and short tours (6–23 months). Anything shorter than 6 months is considered TDY (Temporary Duty Assignment). Combat tours are typically 6–12 months and can extend beyond during critical periods.

Can Army wear Air Force ribbons?

Personnel may wear service medals and service and training ribbons awarded by other U.S. Services on the Army uniform, except for the Air Force Longevity Service Award ribbon and Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard marksmanship medals and ribbons.

Do you get an overseas ribbon for Korea?

Q3: Do I have to take off my Overseas Service Ribbon (OSR) if I am now eligible for the KDSM? A3: No, Soldiers are authorized to receive the OSR for completion of their tours in the area and authorized to receive the KDSM for serving in Korea.

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