What is the opposite of bank withdrawal?

What is the opposite of bank withdrawal?

What is the opposite of withdraw?

deposit put
bank dump
insert place
position keep
stick lodge

What is a opposite of withdrawal?

retract; declare void: let go, admit, enforce, restore, sanction, validate, approve, support.

What is a withdrawal reversal?

Reverse withdrawal is a method used mostly by online casinos as a way of depositing money back into their online casino account. Most casinos that offer this function offer it without a fee however this option is only available while the withdrawal request is currently in progress.

What is the difference between a deposit and a withdrawal?

is that deposit is to lay down; to place; to put while withdraw is to pull (something) back, aside, or away.

What’s the opposite of success?

What is the opposite of success?

failure capitulation
defeat bungle
bust loss
misfortune downfall
false step faux pas

What is withdrawal bank?

A withdrawal involves removing funds from a bank account, savings plan, pension, or trust. In some cases, conditions must be met to withdraw funds without penalty, and penalty for early withdrawal usually arises when a clause in an investment contract is broken.

What is another word for withdrawal symptoms?


  • retraction.
  • recall.
  • disclaimer.
  • repudiation.
  • revocation.
  • disavowal.
  • recantation.
  • rescission.

What is it called when you are against something?

To be anti is to be opposed to or against something, like an action, political party, or government. If you are anti love scenes, you might prefer an action flick. The word anti comes from the prefix anti-, which means “against” or “opposite,” and is still used in English words, such as antibodies and anti-hero.

How long does it take for ATM reversal?

1) Failed ATM transactions: According to the RBI’s new guidelines, in case of ATM transactions where customer’s account has been debited but cash not dispensed, the financial institution have to reverse the failed transaction within a maximum of transaction date (T) + 5 days.

What is withdrawal and deposit in bank?

Choose either Deposit (money coming into your bank account) or Withdrawal (money going out of your bank account).

What is to withdraw money?

Is failure the opposite of success?

Failure is not the opposite of success, it’s part of success. In life, failure is inevitable. And the best leaders learn from their failure. They use it as a tool to become successful.

What’s another word for success?

In this page you can discover 89 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for success, like: victory, triumph, accomplishment, achievement, attaining, accomplishing, being out in front, fortune, failure, good-luck and making a noise in the world.

What’s the meaning of draw out?

transitive verb. 1 : remove, extract. 2 : to extend beyond a minimum in time : protract sense 1.

What’s another name for withdrawal?

In this page you can discover 51 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for withdrawal, like: retraction, resignation, abdication, recession, removal, retreat, abandonment, departure, fallback, revulsion and relinquishment.

How do you oppose someone?

  1. battle. verb. to compete with someone, or to try to achieve the opposite of what they are trying to achieve.
  2. cross. verb. to oppose someone, or to disagree with them.
  3. fly in the face of something. phrase.
  4. go against. phrasal verb.
  5. make something of it. phrasal verb.
  6. oppose. verb.
  7. oppose. verb.
  8. push back. phrasal verb.

What is a word for Opposed?

Frequently Asked Questions About oppose Some common synonyms of oppose are combat, resist, and withstand. While all these words mean “to set oneself against someone or something,” oppose can apply to any conflict, from mere objection to bitter hostility or warfare.