What is the qualification of Mukesh Ambani?

What is the qualification of Mukesh Ambani?

Ambani earned a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Bombay (now the University of Mumbai) and subsequently pursued a master’s degree in business administration from Stanford University.

What is the caste of Anil Ambani?

Anil Ambani is a Indian, Businessman….Caste, Religion, Community, Mother Tongue, Languages Known.

Religion Hinduism
Anil Ambani’s Caste Father – Vaishya (Gujarati Modh Bania)
Mother – Same As Fathers

What is Anil Ambani age?

62 lata (4 czerwca 1959)
Anil Ambani/Wiek

How much does Anil Ambani have to pay?

MUMBAI: A UK court has ordered Reliance Group chairman Anil Ambani to pay $717 million (Rs 5,448 crore) to three Chinese banks within 21 days, after ruling that a personal guarantee which the Indian businessman had disputed was binding.

What is Anil Ambani net worth?

Anil Ambani – “nil” . In 2012, he had been worth an estimated US$7 billion but a series of bad deals rendered him bankrupt, insisted his lawyers. The case, brought by three Chinese banks, is ongoing.

Does Nita Ambani eat egg?

Hmmn, yes, but I eat eggs. I’ve always been veg. Even the years I spent alone in the US, the late 1970s, when vegetarianism was not in fashion!

Anil Ambani was born on Thursday, June 04, 1959 at Mumbai, Maharashtra, India and Zodiac Sign is Gemini….Caste, Religion, Community, Mother Tongue, Languages Known.

Religion Hinduism
Anil Ambani’s Caste Father – Vaishya (Gujarati Modh Bania)
Mother – Same As Fathers

62 years (June 4, 1959)
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What is the salary of Ambani servant?

About 600 servants work in the 28 storey house. According to a report, the salary of those working in Mukesh Ambani’s house is between Rs 10,000 and Rs 2 lakh per month.In addition to the salary, Ambani family employees are also given insurance and education allowance.

Is Mukesh Ambani Jain?

Mukesh Ambani is a strict vegetarian and teetotaler.

Which car does Mukesh Ambani use?

Mukesh Ambani owns BMW i8 and Bentley Bentayga in his garage Mukesh Ambani’s BMW i8 is one of the most stunning cars in India. The businessman owns it in a gorgeous matte black shade. It’s a hybrid sports car and has been considered one of the most futuristic cars in the world.

What is the cost of Nita Ambani lipstick?

Nita Ambani has a thing for lipsticks and she has a collection of customised lipsticks which have been especially curated to match her outfits. The packaging of these lipstick bottles is reportedly made of silver and gold. The entire collection costs around INR 40 lac.

What is the qualification of Mukesh Ambani’s children?

Mukesh Ambani has 3 children and the eldest Akash Ambani is an undergrad from Brown University where he majored in economics and is currently the chief of strategy of Jio.

Where did Dhirubhai Ambani go to school?

7.Dhirubhai Ambani ensured that his two sons went to premier educational institutions in the US – Mukesh was educated at Stanford University and Anil at the Wharton School of Business. 8.Reliance Industries was a stock market favorite.

What is the qualification of Isha Ambani second in line?

Isha Ambani, second in line has finished her graduation in Psychology and South Asian studies from Yale University. She is currently in the board of directors of Jio and Reliance Retail.

What did the Ambani brothers do in India?

The two Ambani brothers took Reliance Group to great heights and due to their effort and intelligence it enjoys its current status as India’s leading textiles, petroleum, petrochemicals, power and telecommunication company.