What is the value of 1 Euro in Indian rupees?

What is the value of 1 Euro in Indian rupees?

euros to Indian rupees conversion table

amount convert Result
1 EUR EUR 88.02 INR
2 EUR EUR 176.04 INR
3 EUR EUR 264.05 INR
4 EUR EUR 352.07 INR

How can I convert Indian Rupee to Euro?

Like the Indian Rupee is divided into 100 paise, a Euro is divided into 100 cents. As of 2019, the INR to Euro conversion rate is 1 Euro equals to 79.41 INR.

What is the cost of 20 euro cent in Indian rupees?

20 Euro = 1,765.3182 Indian Rupee Enter the amount of money to be converted from Euro (EUR) to Indian Rupee (INR), it is converted as you type.

Which is highest currency in world?

Kuwaiti Dinar
Position 1: Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) The Kuwaiti Dinar is widely regarded as the world’s most powerful currency. Kuwaiti Dinar, abbreviated as KWD, is widely used in oil-related transactions in the Middle East.

How do I exchange old notes in 2020 RBI?

Exchanging old notes You need not visit the branch of the bank where you have an account in. If you want to exchange up to Rs 4,000 in cash, you can simply go to any bank with a valid ID proof. This limit of Rs 4,000 for exchanging old notes will be reviewed after 15 days.

How much is a 20 euro cent?


Krause number KM# 1411
Denomination 20 euro cent
Currency rate 0.2 EUR = 0.24 USD
Year 2007-2021
Period European Union (Euro) (1999 – 2021)

What country has a 20 cent coin?

the Republic of Latvia
Latvia. The 20 cent coin shows the large coat of arms of the Republic of Latvia.

Is Indian rupee accepted in Hong Kong?

How Much Indian Currency Can I Take to Hong Kong? The limit for taking Indian rupees out of the country without declaring them is 25,000 which amounts to about HKD 2,857. There is no doubt Hong Kong is one of the most exciting places on earth.

Are old 500 notes still accepted?

The demonetization announced on November 8, 2016, had put an end on the acceptance of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes as a legal currency. These notes became useless after that time. However, if you have Rs 500 notes with certain features, then it can fetch a good amount of money online.

Who can accept old notes?

Chemists, Archaeological Survey of India monuments counters, LPG distributors and railway caterers will also be accepting payments in Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes. All banks will remain open on this Saturday and Sunday to facilitate exchange and deposit of old notes.

How much is 1 euro cent?

One euro is made up of 100 cents.

How many rands is 10 euro cents?

For ten euro you get today 172 rands 77 cents.

What called 20 cents?

Twenty-cent piece (United States coin)

Silver 0.1447 troy oz
Years of minting 1875–1878
Mint marks CC, S. Located beneath eagle on reverse. Philadelphia Mint specimens lack mint mark.
Design Liberty seated

What are 20 cent coins made of?

The coin is made of 75% copper and 25% nickel. It is circular in shape, and has a milled edge. It weighs 5.65 grams and is 23.60 millimetres in diameter. The reverse of the 20 cent coin features an image of a platypus which was designed by Stuart Devlin.

Is Hong Kong cheaper than India?

Cost of living in Hong Kong is 246% more expensive than in Delhi (India)