What is VMM insurance coverage?

What is VMM insurance coverage?

Vandalism and malicious mischief insurance (VMM) is a type of property insurance that covers damages to parts of an insured building or personal property for which the policyholder is responsible.

Does insurance cover acts of vandalism?

If your car is vandalized, any necessary repairs would be covered as long as you have comprehensive insurance. Comprehensive insurance covers all costs associated with vandalism, though you usually have to pay a deductible.

What is the legal meaning of malicious mischief?

Legal Definition of malicious mischief : the act or offense of intentionally damaging or destroying another’s property (as from feelings of ill will) — compare vandalism.

What is considered vandalism in insurance?

Vandalism is damage done to someone else’s property, simply for the sake of causing damage. The peril of vandalism or malicious mischief covers damage to parts of the premises for which you’re responsible, as well as to personal property.

What is the penalty of malicious mischief?

Malicious mischief is punishable by imprisonment or a fine. By arresto menor or a fine of not less than the value of the damage caused and not more than Forty thousand pesos (₱40,000), if the amount involved does not exceed Forty thousand pesos (₱40,000) or cannot be estimated.”

Which is an example of malicious mischief?

Common examples of malicious mischief are such acts as the intentional smashing of windows, slashing tires, kicking a door, or spray-painting the walls of a building.

Who is liable for malicious mischief?

Article 327 of the Revised Penal Code provides: “Article 327. Who are liable for malicious mischief. – Any person who shall deliberately cause the property of another any damage not falling within the terms of the next preceding chapter shall be guilty of malicious mischief.”

What kind of insurance does vandalism and malicious mischief cover?

Vandalism and malicious mischief insurance (VMM) protects the policyholder from losses sustained from intentional acts of vandalism. The policy covers damages to parts of the insured building and personal property in the property. VMM insurance is included in most commercial and homeowner’s insurance policies.

What is the legal definition of malicious mischief?

MALICIOUS MISCHIEF. This expression is applied to the wanton or reckless destruction of property, and the willful perpetration of injury to the person. Alis. Prin. 448; 3 Dev. & Batt. 130; 8 Leigh, 719; 5 Ired. R. 364; 8 Port. 447; 2 Metc. 21; 3 Greenl. 177.

What kind of damage is covered by VMM insurance?

VMM insurance is included in most commercial and homeowner’s insurance policies. Vandalism is purposeful damage caused to another person’s property to cause destruction. Examples of vandalism include spraying graffiti on walls, punching holes in a wall, etc.

What does V and mm stand for in insurance?

What does V&MM stand for? V&MM stands for Vandalism & Malicious Mischief (insurance)