What kind of insurance is QualCare?

What kind of insurance is QualCare?

QualCare, Inc. is New Jersey’s largest provider-sponsored Managed Care Organization that offers self-funded PPO, HMO network, point of service (POS) network, and open access health plans; third party administration (TPA) services, provider network access, care management services, wellness programs, and a workers’ …

Is QualCare part of Cigna?

QualCare, one of the leading healthcare and workers’ compensation services companies in New Jersey, announced that they were acquired by Cigna, a national healthcare insurance and services company with revenues of $34 billion.

What is QualCare IPA?

Welcome to QualCare IPA QualCare IPA is committed to the delivery of superior medical services ensuring health and quality of life to the people within the communities we service. All of our providers are committed to the health of individual patients as well as the health and well-being of our Kern County Community.

Who owns QualCare?

Qualcare Alliance Networks, Inc.
QualCare, Inc./Parent organizations

When did Cigna acquire QualCare?

February 28
On February 28, Cigna completed its acquisition of QualCare Alliance Networks, Inc.

Does Genex own Coventry?

Mitchell/Genex, formerly known as Mitchell International Inc., announced Monday that it has completed its acquisition of Coventry Workers Comp Services from CVS Health.

What is Mitchell Genex?

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Mitchell International, Inc. delivers smart technology solutions and services that simplify and accelerate claims handling, repair processes and pharmacy transactions, driving more accurate, consistent and cost-effective resolutions.

Who owns Qualcare?

Who bought Genex?

Stone Point Capital, a private equity firm, acquires Genex. Mitchell and Genex sign merger agreement. Genex acquires Priority Care Solutions, a leading specialty managed care services and network provider.

Is Genex a good company to work for?

This was a good company to work for. The management was mostly helpful and you had a team of other case managers to help fill in for you, when needed. You could usually work as much OT as you want, which was nice.

Does Mitchell own Genex?

Now operating as a division of Mitchell, Genex Services will consolidate and deliver the company’s clinical solutions, including case management, utilization review, independent medical reviews, and disability management.

What kind of company is Genex?

Genex, a clinical management leader throughout North America, serves the top underwriters of workers’ compensation, automobile, disability insurance, third-party administrators and a significant number of Fortune 500 employers.