Best ASMR Apps to Help You Sleep and Relax

In adult life, stress will be your constant partner. Stress does not have to be associated with some drastic change linked with a specific issue, instead, day-to-day issues, meeting deadlines; anxiety-triggering situations collectively affect mental health. Eventually, these small components add up and affect our body functions. Digestion issues, breathing problems, body cramps, soreness, and even irregular sleep patterns are all results of stress. The only way to deal with daily stress is to find an outlet that offers you some time to relax. The emotional outlet can be either venting, some relaxing massage, or just a good night’s sleep.

Your emotional outlet does not always have to be attached to materialist gains. Instead, you can choose to join a gym, swim or choose distraction therapy to let out the stress. One of the very recent content arenas currently rampant on the internet is ASMR. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response or ASMR is the natural response of our body that is evoked by sound and illustration.

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Best ASMR Apps to Help You Sleep and Relax

ASMR is becoming popular among people of all ages especially if they have trouble sleeping. It is not just a good stress reliever, but it also directly influences the brain, heartbeat, and muscles. This response is usually a relaxing sensation followed by tingles and goosebumps. Most of the listeners using ASMR relate the feeling to a relaxing spa day or a deep tissue massage. While others have to pay a hefty fee, with ASMR, you can enjoy a massage, a relaxing head scrub, deep tissue relaxation therapy, or any other relaxing therapy of your choice with just one click.

As one of the fastest-growing content genres online, you will come across various apps and audio platforms for enjoying free ASMR. However, most apps are cluttered and only offer video-based content so you will end up draining your battery. All these features collectively affect your ASMR experience. To deal with these issues, developers have come up with ASMR-specific apps. These apps offer free content and have multiple filters and genres so you can easily choose from the huge online ASMR library.

Here are some of the best ASMR apps that you must try:

1.     Tingles

Available on: iOS and android

Price: Free

Features: Offline play option; customized sleep pattern option and daily recommendations

Tingles is one of the best ASMR apps for people with a bad sleeping pattern, insomnia, or restless sleep symptoms. Tingles is perfect for guided sleep meditation that will lure you into sleep without feeling stressed. The app also offers audio and video options so the user can choose suitable triggers. With more than 1500 creators and artists on the app, you can easily make a list of your favorites. Moreover, you will get notifications and daily recommendations about new content from your favorite artists. For people who do not like visual effects, you can turn off the screen and still enjoy the audio.

The app also keeps a check on your sleep pattern and then helps you set sleep timers for deep sleep and wake-up cycle. For enhanced user experience on the go, you can also download videos for offline use.

2.     Mindwell

Available on: iOS and android

Price: Free with limited features

Features: Playlist assortment, activity monitoring, and filters for easy searching

If you are looking for an app that offers more than ASMR, this app has it all. From visual triggers to audio and tactile triggers, you can choose the patterns for maximum tingles. The app is good for muscle relaxation, triggering sleep, offering a deep sleep cycle, and guided meditation. The developers claim that the app mixed different frequencies that can match your brainwaves to offer you a calming effect so you can stay stress-free.

Where other apps can just help you sleep better, Mindwell takes it one step ahead and offers you a mood-boosting feature that keeps you alert for enhanced productivity. Users also report significant improvement in their insomnia, stress, depression, and anxiety with Mindwell.

3.     ASMR Breakfast

Available on: iOS and android

Price: Free

Features: Unique food ASMR playlist, relaxing food game with full user control

Most of the ASMR apps on our lists will only offer you access to viral content by popular ASMR artists. However, this app offers customization control to the user. The app has different game levels where the user has to prepare breakfast without spilling anything.

This is a very calming way of staying engaged while playing a game. Where other games trigger anxiety, ASMR breakfast has a very soothing and relaxing effect. As you complete the basic level, you will unlock advanced levels with fun food ASMR experiences.

4.     ASMRtist

Available on: iOS and android

Price: Free

Features: Dark mode, shuffle option, and countdown sleep timer

One of the simplest and most basic ASMR apps that will offer you a relaxing ASMR shuffle that will lull you to sleep. Designed with the dark mode on, you can easily enjoy ASMR with low light. Where other apps will offer you an ASMR playlist, ASMRtist has noises from nature like rain, bonfire, wind, etc.

The app also allows you to mix natural noises to create a playlist for maximum tingles. For the sleep timer, the app has a countdown option as well. It also has a close-screen option so you can close your mobile screen while the ASMR playlist stays running at the back.

5.     ASMR Slicing

Available on: iOS and android

Price: Free

Features: Visual stimulation, satisfying videos, and auditory tingling

Most people get more tingles when there is a satisfying video for support. With ASMR Slicing, you will get satisfying soft-cutting videos along with kinetic sand-cutting and dicing videos. ASMR Slicing is a game that offers full control to the player. With this game, you can enjoy smooth haptic feedback with various cutting experiences.

If you enjoy satisfying videos, this will become your go-to relaxing game every night. With more control and better customization, you can easily choose the cutting object and cutting speed.

Bottom Line

To wrap it all up, if you are an ASMR lover or you find it hard to sleep at night, these apps will help you improve your sleep quality and help you sleep faster.