How do you name a chapter title?

How do you name a chapter title?

There’s no real criteria for chapter titles, as with most things in writing you can do what you like. There’s no reason to have them if you don’t want to, either. That said, it’s probably a good idea to keep them short and succinct (no longer than about six or seven words).

What is a good chapter name?

Chapter names:Burn, Pillage, Burn, Invade.True Friends abandon their posts for each other.I Am Not in Denial!A Hero’s Gamble.The Southern Ones Will Save Us.Sweep and Weep em in Rows.Who the Hell is That?Never Trust the Silent Ones.

How do you choose a chapter title?

1) Choose a single word or a few words which sums up the chapter: This is the most obvious way to write a chapter title, but it’s a good idea to make sure that you do something slightly more inventive than just using keywords (like you might do when you were posting something on the internet) for all of your chapter …

What is the purpose of chapter titles?

Chapter Title Pros In addition to intriguing readers, increasing tension, and all those other pros of chapter titles, the titles can also act as milestones for readers, helping them keep chapters and events straight. Similarly, some writers use chapter titles to help them focus on an idea or story goal while drafting.