How many total banks are there in Nepal?

How many total banks are there in Nepal?

Altogether 27 commercial banks, 19 development banks, 21 finance companies, and 76 microfinance are currently operating (as of Mid-Jan 2021) in Nepal. Several development banks and finance companies have entered into the merger/acquisition agreement with commercial banks.

Which is the second commercial bank in Nepal?

Top 10 Commercial Banks In Nepal ( In terms of Loans)

Rank Commercial Banks Loans & Advances To Customers (Rs. ‘Arba’)
1 NIC Asia Bank 221.23
2 Global IME Bank 203.78
3 Nabil Bank 170.52
4 Rastriya Banijya Bank 162.68

How many government banks are there in Nepal?

The number of government banks is very less in comparison to private banks. There are only three government owned banks. They are: Rastriya Banijya Bank.

Which bank gives highest interest in Nepal?

Civil Bank
The bank with the highest and lowest base rate is Civil Bank with 11.06% and Nabil Bank with 7.83%.

Which bank account is best in Nepal?

Top 4 Savings Accounts in Nepal (2020)

  • My Favorite Account: Nabil Bank’s Shareholder Savings Account.
  • Best High-rate Interest Account: Rastriya Banijya’s Savings Account.
  • An Overall Decent Convenient Bank: Mega’s Lokapriya Bachat Khata Account.
  • Best for Long-term Deposits: Nepal Investment Bank’s Term Deposits.

    What is the interest rate of Nepal Rastra bank?

    Interest Rate

    1. Interest Rates on Deposits
    S.No. Deposit Type Rate Per Annum
    2.3 Above 6 Months upto 1 Year
    2.3.1 Individual 7.00%
    2.3.2 Institutional 7.00%

    Which bank has highest ATM in Nepal?

    Rastriya Banijya Bank has Nepal’s most extensive banking network with its wings in the most part of the country through multiple distribution outlets of 236 branches, 17 counters, 93 branchless banking (BLB) and 165 ATMs.