How many units are in PMA?

How many units are in PMA?

100 CME Units
Every PMA member is required to earn his credit a minimum of 100 CME Units per fiscal year. The reason behind the 100 units annual requirement is that will enable the PMA member to maintain membership in good standing.

What do you call the students in PMA?

Students are officers-in-training and referred to as “cadets” or collectively as the “Cadet Corps Armed Forces of the Philippines” (CCAFP). …

What is the salary of PMA?

The average PMA Companies salary ranges from approximately $78,483 per year for a Claims Adjuster to $72,640 per year for a Programmer Analyst. PMA Companies employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 3.4/5 stars.

What is PMA Matikas Class of 1983?

Four years later, only 191 of these young men graduated as PMA Matikas Class of 1983, and received their commission as officers in the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Their destiny, the role they would henceforth serve was not for themselves but to serve God, country and fellowmen.

Who is the valedictorian of the Philippine Military Academy 1983?

Both are also members of the class. Numbering close to 200, the Class of 1983 is one of the largest to graduate from the Philippine Military Academy. The class valedictorian was PNP Chief Supt. Ervin Gumban, while the first captain, or baron, was Clemente Enrique Jr., who retired early from the service.

Who was the first service specialist in the PMA?

Rogelio Simon, who served Trillanes’ warrant of arrest in 2018. It is notable academically as the class who were first to undergo the new tri-service curriculum of PMA, effectively becoming PMA’s first batch of service specialists upon graduation. ^ “Ruberto K. Kangleon”.

How many were there in the class of 1979?

I found out the class totaled 300 or so young men who reported to the Marine Barracks at the Bonifacio Naval Station on April 1, 1979; from there they were whisked off to Baguio City.