How much does a wedding in the Maldives cost?

How much does a wedding in the Maldives cost?

A wedding package in the Maldives is anywhere from $550 to $4,000. Add in the flights and it is still less than $10,000. The best part is that you don’t have to fork out even more for the honeymoon, as the wedding and honeymoon are all rolled up into one package deal.

How much does it cost to have a wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel?

Wedding Costs Outdoor ceremonies cost $3,500 for the garden lawn and $5,000 for the waterfall lawn. The hotel provides all of the chairs and other furniture and equipment you need to host a wedding, as well as a ceremony rehearsal.

Can foreigners get married in Maldives?

Marriage Visa is the permit to remain in the Maldives granted to a foreign national who is married to a Maldivian national. After the arrival, the foreigner must complete the legal marriage process, and apply for Marriage Visa within the given period of 30 days.

Is a Maldives wedding legal?

In the Maldives it is only possible for locals to get married legally. With a symbolic or commitment ceremony you can still get married in Maldives. A symbolic ceremony is still a real ceremony!

How much does it cost to get married at Beverly Hills Hotel?

$30,000/event and up Time of day.

How much is a wedding at the Biltmore Santa Barbara?

Ceremony Fee: $4,000 You can opt to get married at a wide variety of locations at the Four Seasons Santa Barbara, including the Mariposa Garden (up to 200 guests), Monte Vista Lawn (up to 300 guests), or Escala Garden (up to 150 guests) depending on the size of your wedding.

Is it easy to get married in Maldives?

Can you elope in Maldives?

If you want to really go native, elope to the adults-only Baros Maldives, where vow ceremony packages include such indigenous traditions as a sarong for the bride, memorial palm-tree planting, and traditional Maldivian Boduberu procession.