Trending Car Performance Upgrades in 2020

Trending Car Performance Upgrades in 2020

The performance of your car is not a simple thing that you can bring down to the type of vehicle that you own and the commute that you’re usually taking. Every car is a complex machine with so many moving parts, each of which affects the way in which this vehicle is performing. Does this mean that improving these individual parts will improve the performance of the vehicle, as well? Of course it does! With that in mind and without further ado, here are the top five trending car performance upgrades you might want to consider getting in 2020.

Get performance tires

This is something that sounds so simple that it just can’t be true, right? Wrong! You see, low-stock tires can put a serious limitation on what your vehicle can do on the open road. On the other hand, branded, or even custom-tailored tires will help you achieve a level of control you never believed possible before. For those who want to go a step further, it might be an even better idea to get two or three sets of tires and replace them based on conditions. An urban commute and a road trip are not one and the same. Neither are winter and summer driving. Always keep that in mind.

Improve the throttle response

The dream of any driver is to sit behind the wheel of the car that responds to even the slightest pressure of the accelerator. This responsiveness, however, depends on several crucial factors. First, you need the throttle body and the components surrounding it to be as stable as possible. The wear and tear, on the other hand, can make this somewhat problematic as time goes by. All you need to do is take some time to adjust the throttle body’s cable slack. All you need to do this are some wrenches and a short tutorial or someone advising you on the best course of action.

Adjust your brakes

The way your brakes work is not just a matter of safety. It’s also the question of your car’s performance and handling. A quality brake pad setup can be quite expensive and adjusting it is not nearly as simple as it sounds. It all comes down to subtle nuances, which is why you might want to look for someone specializing in car performance upgrades and take your vehicle there. You see, changing your brake pads is not that complex, nonetheless, it depends on your current rotor, brake enclosure and some additional components, whether your work will be done. Why take the risk?

The air intake is crucial

Now, the difference that an improvement in the cold air intake section will make is not game-changing but it does come with its own set of benefits. First of all, it does increase the horsepower of your vehicle. Second, it keeps your engine clean, which is a slight, passive boost to your maintenance. The biggest factor, as well as one that persuades the majority of people, is the fact that this improvement is both cheap and simple. In other words, you have moderate gains for a minimal investment, which gives you an amazing ROI.

An incredible exhaust system

Finally, the air has to go out the other way, as well. So, what you need is for your exhaust system to be impeccable. This is also one of those upgrades that you will notice the soonest. Why? Well, because it will alter the way your vehicle sounds. This is a reward on its own. One more thing worth stressing out is the fact that vehicles tend to report a 5 percent increase in fuel economy after upgrading their exhaust system. All in all, this is something definitely worth investing in (it might even pay itself off).

In conclusion

Finally, you need to keep in mind that the research might be the key to improving your vehicle’s performance. Before replacing a certain part, make sure to check just how compatible it is with your vehicle. Read some user reviews to see if it’s something that you really want to invest in. When looking for people to do work on your vehicle, make sure to check who you’re dealing with and trust only seasoned veterans and reputable professionals. Your vehicle’s performance and your own driving experience are more than worth it.