What do you mean by fly as thick as driving rain?

What do you mean by fly as thick as driving rain?

The line means that just like heavy rain falls so quickly that it is difficult to distinguish one drop from another, the speeding train also passes by the scenery so quickly that it is difficult to distinguish one sight from another.

What is the meaning of heavily rain?

It is defined as rainfall greater than 100 mm in 24 hours. In New Zealand, heavy rainfall is relatively common. Often, a significant amount of precipitation occurs in only a few hours, leading to severe flooding and landslide risk.

What do you mean by lumping?

verb (used with object) to unite into one aggregation, collection, or mass (often followed by together): We lumped the reds and blues together. to deal with, handle, consider, etc., in the lump or mass: to lump unrelated matters indiscriminately.

What is the meaning of Painted stations whistle by?

When a person is sitting in a railway carriage which is moving very fast, the colourful stations of was appear picture-like as if they are painted. EXPLANATION: In the short poem “From a Railway Carriage”, Robert Louis Stevenson narrates his experiences of a railway journey when he was a small boy.

What is meant by stringing the daisies?

Answer: making garlands of daisy flowers.

Is a heavy rain correct?

Some papers say “heavy rain” and others say “heavy rains” referring to the same event. “A torrentila rain” and “torrential rains” are also found in the newspaper articles.

What does Lamping mean in British slang?

hunting at night
British. The activity of hunting at night using lamps, especially for rabbits. ‘they were aware that illegal lamping went on’

What is the meaning of Lumb?

lumbo- , lumb- [L. lumbus, loin] Prefix meaning loins.

What does Brambles mean in From a Railway Carriage?

ANSWER. The two similes are “And charging along like troops in a battle” and “Fly as thick as driving rain.” The first line is referring to the speed of the train. The author is revealing all the things that he sees through the window of this railway carriage. Muxakara and 2 more users found this answer helpful.

Why do stations whistle?

As the carriage speeds through the stations on its way, they appear to be painted pictures of fantasy coloured in different hues. He can hardly distinguish them as the train speeds by making them appear to be whistling at him.

Can we say rain is falling?

Though we don’t say, “rain is falling,” English speakers understand that this is the movement of rain. In this context, the phrasal verb come down means fall from the sky in very large amounts. Don’t say “ The rain is really falling down .” Don’t say “ it’s raining cats and dogs ,” either.