What is a Coogan bank account?

What is a Coogan bank account?

A Coogan Account insures that child actors and athletes (and other young performers) receive this portion of their earnings when they reach majority age of 18. Safely insured, a First Entertainment Coogan Account is easily set up to directly accept these funds.

How does a Coogan account work?

In the specific case of a Coogan Account, a parent or legal guardian (the trustor) agrees to give a bank or other financial institution (the trustee) the right to hold 15% of the gross earnings made by their child actor (the beneficiary) until the child actor reaches the age of majority (generally, eighteen years old.

How do you get a Coogan account?

Parents or Legal Guardians are required to establish a “Coogan Account” within seven business days after a minor’s employment contract is signed, and to provide the minor’s employer with a copy of a trustee’s statement (evidencing proof of the account) within ten business days after the start of employment.

Why is it called a Coogan account?

“Coogan Account” is named after John Leslie “Jackie” Coogan, Jr. He was discovered at age seven by Charlie Chaplin and Coogan was cast as Chaplin’s sidekick in the classic film “The Kid” (1921). By the time Coogan sued his parents and won, he received only $126,000 after legal fees were paid.

What banks do Coogan accounts?


  • SAG-AFTRA Federal Credit Union.
  • Actors Federal Credit Union.
  • Bank of the West.
  • City National Bank.
  • First Entertainment Credit Union.
  • Morgan Stanley/Smith Barney.
  • Union Bank of California.
  • Wells Fargo.

    What is a Coogan’s?

    The California Child Actor’s Bill (also known as Coogan Act or Coogan Bill) is a law applicable to child performers, designed to safeguard a portion of their earnings for when they reach the age of majority, and protect them from exploitation and abuse.

    Can you withdraw money from a Coogan account?

    Until that time, funds cannot be withdrawn from the Coogan Account, unless they are being transferred to another Coogan Account. You can designate your child’s Youth Primary Savings Account as a Coogan Account.

    How do child stars get paid?

    Standard commissions can include 10% to an agent, 10-15% for a manager, maybe 5% to a lawyer, and possibly 5% to a business manager. Then maybe 18% to 40% to TAXES. Yes, child actors who earn income have to pay taxes like the rest of us. And possibly another 15% funneled into a Coogan account.

    How do child actors protect their money?

    Most child actors, unless they are told otherwise, will expect that the money they earn is theirs to keep and that it will be available to them when they come of age. Kids in other states have no legal protection at all for their earnings—even the small 15% that a Coogan account shelters.

    What states require Coogan accounts?

    At present, Coogan Accounts (a.k.a Blocked Trust Accounts and Trust Accounts) are required by the State of California, New York, Louisiana and New Mexico. In most instances, you will have to supply proof of a trust account prior to receiving a work permit.

    Does Chase have Coogan accounts?

    However, a Coogan Account at Chase is not currently available. To open a Wells Fargo blocked trust account, your child must be either currently employed or have an offer of employment.

    Who is the highest paid child actor?

    1 Millie Bobby Brown – $350,000 Per Episode Jones to become the highest-paid child TV actor in 2019.

    Do babies get paid to be in movies?

    According to a SAG spokesperson, infants are typically hired as “background actors” and receive a day rate of $126. If an agent or parent bargains for the child to be paid as a principal performer, the rate increases to $737 per day.

    Can parents take child actors money?

    Since a minor cannot legally control their own money, California Law governs their earnings and creates a fiduciary relationship between the parent and the child. This change in California law also requires that 15% of all minors’ earnings must be set aside in a blocked trust account commonly known as a Coogan Account.

    Do parents get paid for child actors?

    The Coogan law is a California state law named after 1920′s child actor Jackie Coogan. Currently, the Coogan law states that the money earned by minors working on entertainment projects belongs solely to the children themselves, and not to their guardian or business representatives.

    Does Bank of America Open Coogan accounts?

    Your child cannot just be signed by a talent agent to open a Wells Fargo blocked trust account and you must open it in person. But, at Bank of America, you can apply for a Coogan trust account online. You just need to enter personal information for you and your child, including Social Security numbers and your address.

    Who is the richest kid in Hollywood?

    Jaden Smith – Net worth: $8 Million.

  • Abigail Breslin – Net worth: $12 Million.
  • Valentina Paloma Pinault – Net worth: $12 Million.
  • Nick D’aloisio – Net worth: $30 Million.
  • Dannielynn Birkhead – Net worth: $59 Million.
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Who is the highest paid child YouTuber?

Ryan Kaji
Image posted on Instagram by Ryan Kaji. Ryan Kaji, a nine-year-old boy from Texas, has been named the world’s highest-paid YouTube star by Forbes Magazine. The boy has earned nearly USD 30 million in 2020 by unboxing and reviewing toys and games on his YouTube channel Ryan’s World.

Coogan Accounts are accounts for minors who have income from an entertainment or sports related job. 15% of the minor’s income from the business is set aside in the account by direct deposit from the employer or agent.

How do I get a Coogan account?

To open a Coogan Account, you typically need your child’s Social Security number, birth certificate and proof of your identity. There may also be a fee and deposit required when you open an account. You may be able to establish the account in person, by fax or by mail.

“Coogan Account” is named after John Leslie “Jackie” Coogan, Jr. He was discovered at age seven by Charlie Chaplin and Coogan was cast as Chaplin’s sidekick in the classic film “The Kid” (1921).

How did the Jackie Coogan account get its name?

They are named for Jackie Coogan, who was a child star of the 20th century whose earnings were squandered. As I understand it, 15% of any minor’s income “from the business” must be set aside in one of these accounts via direct payment from the employer.

What does it mean to have a Coogan account?

This law mandates that employers of a child actor or model deposit 15% of the money earned by that child into a special account called a Coogan blocked trust account (a.k.a. a Coogan trust fund, a Coogan trust account, or a Coogan account). It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian of the child to set up this account for the child.

How can I get Coogan bank account for my child?

The first step in the process is to get your child actor’s Coogan Bank Account information from their parent or legal guardian. This should consist of the child’s legal name, a Coogan Account number, and a routing number. If your child actor is already a set veteran, getting this information will be no problem.

Where can I open a Coogan Trust Account?

What Banks Have Coogan Accounts. Not all banks offer blocked trust accounts, so you should do a search for banks or other financial institutions near you that offer them. You can open a Wells Fargo blocked trust account or a Coogan trust account at Bank of America, which are two banks with branches nationwide.