What is E98 gas?

What is E98 gas?

Sunoco E98 is 98 percent ethanol with 2 percent gasoline denaturant. E98 has become popular as a race fuel for many types of applications. Ethanol is used for its high resistance to detonation, ability to lower intake air temperatures and high oxygen content.

What is in methanol fuel?

About Methanol Methanol – CH3OH – is four parts hydrogen, one part oxygen and one part carbon. On an industrial scale, methanol is predominantly produced from natural gas by reforming the gas with steam and then converting and distilling the resulting synthesized gas mixture to create pure methanol.

What octane is X98?

VP Racing Fuels 1862 Fuel, Unleaded, VP X98, Colorless, 112+ Octane, 5 Gallon Pail, Each. VP Race Fuels X98 is designed and blended with the highest fuel-grade ethanol for straight ethanol applications. X98 Offers best in class performance in a wide variety of applications including turbocharged.

What is the benefit of oxygenated fuel?

In a racing environment, oxygenated fuels allow for more oxygen and fuel to be added to the engine — this creates a larger amount of heat energy inside the cylinder. Just like in the reformulated fuel format, the oxygenated fuels have a much better burn rate that is more efficient.

What octane is E85?

E85 has an octane rating ranging from 100-105, making it a high performance fuel. In comparison, regular unleaded gasoline has an octane rating of 87.

Is methanol a safe fuel?

Unlike gasoline fires, methanol fires can be extinguished with water. Methanol is inherently more difficult to ignite than gasoline, and much less likely to cause deadly or damaging car fires if it does ignite. Methanol, like gasoline or diesel fuels, should never be ingested and is toxic.

What is the difference between C85 and X85?

Could you tell the difference? Which do you prefer? VP states “C85 makes up to 4% more power and torque than conventional E85.” but x85 “Blended with 85% ethanol and 15% top quality hydrocarbons every time, unlike pump E85 which is very inconsistent.

How long does oxygenated fuel last?

Stored correctly, 3 – 5 years.

Is 93 pump gas oxygenated?

Regular pump fuels, like that sold in South Africa, is oxygenated, and is available in different octane ratings – in South Africa, there are three pump fuel options that can be found at almost any station – ULP 95, ULP 93 and LRP 95. These oxygenated fuels are used by standard road vehicles.