What is XF banking?

What is XF banking?

Withdrawal. XF. Transfer to/from another account.

What does BAC mean on a bank statement?

Bankers’ Automated Clearing
BAC – Bankers’ Automated Clearing A BAC payment on your bank statement means you’ve used an electronic system to make a payment directly from one account to another.

What is by transfer in mini statement?

Mini statement (last five transactions) of your accounts enabled for mobile banking services. Fund transfer within the Bank from one account to another. Fund transfer to accounts of other banks using NEFT scheme of RBI. Fund transfer to accounts in SBI & other banks through IMPS.

What does mini statement mean?

A mini statement is a list of recent 3 or 5 transactions carried out by a customer. Shows transaction details for the statement period requested by the customer. Displays last 3 or 5 transaction details, depending upon the bank.

Is Mini statement a transaction?

#2 In its footnote, the bank explains that “non-financial transactions” basically include balance enquiry, mini statement and PIN change. #3 Also, note that the “5 free transactions” don’t simply mean cash withdrawals — they include these non-financial transactions.

How many transactions are in a mini statement?

The mini statement contains details of the last 5 transactions only. You can not use this statement as your income proof.

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