What song is used on the Lynx advert?

What song is used on the Lynx advert?

The music playing in this 2021 Lynx advert is a song called ‘The New Effect Freestyle’ that’s been recorded by TNLE featuring the British rapper Aitch, who appears in the ad.

Who is in the Lynx 2020 advert?

Anthony Joshua
AJ Tracey stars in Lynx Africa advert The Lynx Africa 2020 advert features some famous faces, including rapper Aj Tracey and sportsman Anthony Joshua. Anthony is shown as a bobble head on the dashboard of a car shown in the advert, and he is of course equipped with his famous boxing gloves.

What is the squirrel doing in the Lynx advert?

The Advertising Standards Authority received 155 complaints “We had 155 complaints about the Lynx TV ad featuring a squirrel behaving amorously with a deodorant can,” the ASA told Metro.co.uk, adding: “No decision has been made on whether there are grounds for an investigation.”

Is Calfreezy in the Lynx advert?

Deodorant brand Lynx released a new advert for their latest product, featuring boxing champion Anthony Joshua and YouTuber Calfreezy.

Who is the white guy in the Lynx advert?

‘ The ad, created by The Martin Agency, began airing on UK screens on Thursday. It captures a man in a patterned shirt spraying the product on himself, before rapper Aitch – real name Harrison Armstrong – appears next to him and applauds.

What is the advert with the squirrel?

Created by Adam & Eve/DDB, Graze has introduced a walking and talking squirrel brand mascot, which is portrayed as the company’s “chief eating officer” – an alternative sort of “CEO”.

Who is the bus driver in the Lynx advert?

World heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua features as a boxing bobblehead in an eye-catching yellow car. British rap and grime sensation AJ Tracey takes the wheel as a London bus driver.

Is Antonio in the Lynx advert?

Created by Unilever’s in-house content agency U-Studio, “Hot since ’95” includes a new TV ad featuring world heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua, grime star AJ Tracey and YouTuber Calfreezy. …

Is Anthony Joshua in the Lynx ad?