Where can I get a mortuary science degree?

Where can I get a mortuary science degree?

Find the funeral service and mortuary science colleges that are right for you….

  • University of Minnesota Twin Cities.
  • Holmes Community College.
  • Wayne State University.
  • Gannon University.
  • Ogeechee Technical College.
  • Amarillo College.

What schooling is required to become an embalmer?

The minimum formal education required for an embalmer is an associate’s degree program. It usually lasts two years, is part of a mortuary science degree and includes relevant classes like pathology, anatomy, embalming and restorative techniques, physiology, funeral service law, and others.

What kind of degree is mortuary science?

Mortuary science is a course of study offered at institutions of higher education. Specifically, this degree program is defined as the study of deceased bodies and matters associated with funeral rites and practices. A person can obtain an associate’s degree in mortuary science at a junior or community college.

What colleges in Florida offer a degree in mortuary science?

Miami Dade College offers 2 Mortuary Science degree programs. It’s a very large, public, four-year university in a large city. In 2019, 30 Mortuary Science students graduated with students earning 29 Associate’s degrees, and 1 Certificate. St Petersburg College offers 3 Mortuary Science degree programs.

Where can I find more information about mortuary science and funeral studies?

The Dallas Institute of Funeral Service also offers a number of its courses online. A full listing of the courses available for completion via distance education is available here. Click here to view top mortuary science and funeral studies schools available in your area and online. You can find out more about how to become a mortician here.

Is Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science a good school?

Top Mortician Schools. The Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science is accredited by the ABFSE, and also recognized by the Ohio Board of Regents as an Institution of Higher Learning. Founded in 1882, the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science is not only one of the top mortician schools in the country, but also the oldest.

What degree do you need to be a funeral director?

Although the prerequisite for most funeral service careers is an Associate’s Degree in Mortuary Science, certain employers may require additional training that includes a bachelor’s degree. Not all schools offer this level of mortuary science education, however, so be sure to find out: