Who is Wolfram von Richthofen?

Who is Wolfram von Richthofen?

Wolfram Karl Ludwig Moritz Hermann Freiherr von Richthofen, born 10-10-1895 in Gut Barzdorf in Schlesien (Silesia), at the time German territory. He was a son of the nobel General der Kavalerie Manfred von Richthofen and Therese Gotz von Olenhusen (1862–1948), the second child and oldest son of four children.

Where did the Richthofen family live?

The family remained in Silesia for a further three generations. Richthofen’s home, an eighteenth-century estate, was only one of 25 Richthofen-owned properties totalling 140 square kilometres (35,000 acres; 54 sq mi). Barzdorf, where he lived, was a modest 350 hectares (860 acres; 1.4 sq mi), of which 269 was farmed and the rest was forest.

What did von Richthofen do in WW2?

03-10-1939, Von Richthofen was appointed commander of VIII Fliegerkorps. This unit supported the operations in the Netherlands, Belgium and France in connection with Fall Gelb. Due to the success of this operation, he was awarded the Ritterkreuz (Knight’s Cross) on 17-05-1940.

What happened to Lothar Richthofen?

Lothar survived the war but was killed in a flying accident in July 4th, 1922, flying cargo to Hamburg. Throughout 1944 Richthofen suffered from headaches and exhaustion. In October it was discovered he was suffering from a brain tumor. He was sent on medical leave to the Luftwaffe hospital for neurological injuries at Bad Ischl in Austria.