Who should sign at the back of the check?

Who should sign at the back of the check?

Do both of us have to sign the back of the check? If the check is issued to two people, such as John and Jane Doe, the bank or credit union generally can require that the check be signed by both of them before it can be cashed or deposited.

What is it called when you sign your name on the back of a check?

Signing the back of it is called “endorsing the check.” What you write when you sign it—how you endorse the check—depends upon what you want to do with the check and how the check is written. Endorsing a check allows your bank and you or a third-party to settle the funds associated with the check.

Do you have to sign the back of a check to cash it?

When you write a check, the only place you need to sign is on the front—right on the signature line. If you receive a check, you’ll need to sign the back to deposit or cash it. Along with your signature, you might include instructions that limit how the check can be used.

Why shouldn’t someone sign endorse a check before they get to the bank?

This is called a “blank endorsement.” You shouldn’t sign a check until immediately before you deposit it because once it is endorsed, anyone could (theoretically) cash it. Banks and credit unions will typically only cash and deposit checks presented by the account holder, but it’s best to be safe.

Can someone else cash my check for me?

Banks will allow you to cash or deposit a personal check for someone else. This is especially useful for people without a bank account, as it means a friend or family member can cash in a personal check for you. Ask the person who the check is from if their bank will allow you to sign a check over to someone else.

Can you endorse your stimulus check?

Sign the back of your check in order to deposit (or cash) it. Ensure that your member number is written on the back of the check. Everyone named on the front of the check should endorse/sign the back. Please ensure that the original payee and 3rd party (member) sign the check as well.