Changing Trends in Water Delivery Industry and How to Cope Up with These Changes

Changing Trends in Water Delivery Industry and How to Cope Up with These Changes

Water is an essential need of every living creature on this planet. Access to clean drinking water is a blessing that we as humans are taking for granted these days. Water crises is an upcoming unfortunate event that we all have to keep in mind and do our best to cope with it. This water crisis is expected to be so severe that a significant part of the world would be affected by it. There are some specific trends that the water delivery industry has to follow in order to cope up with the prevailing situation. Clean water scarcity is augmenting with each passing day. According to World Vision org., currently around 844 million people are deprived of basic drinking water access. That is roughly 1 our of every 10 people on this planet. The water crisis situation is only getting worse, and if required actions are not taken timely, even the developed countries can fall for it easily in the future.

A drastic increase in demand of water delivery services is expected in the future as the world population is growing at a high rate. It is expected that the population of the world would grow to an estimated number of 1.8 billion people by 2020. Providing clean drinking water to this population is one of the most difficult tasks that has to be faced by the water companies in the future.

These water companies can adapt with the changing trends and can make their name in the market or they can crumble under the pressure of this increase demand. Smart water distribution management system is one of the best strategies right now to overcome the problem of overconsumption of water these days.

Especially the countries in Asia i.e. China and India (and other neighboring countries) are currently facing water shortage and a lack of access to clean water! Access to clean water is the basic necessity required by every living creature on this planet. This is the major reason that every country is trying its best to provide clean water to several deprived households.

Here, another issue that is faced by these countries is the problem of old and aging water system, which includes uncleaned water tanks, damaged pipe systems, non-revenue water and old motors. This pushed the researchers all over the world to come up with a better and result-oriented water delivery system to make fresh and clean water accessible to everyone.

Online Water Delivery Services

The major shift in the trends observed in the last few years is that the water delivery services have been switched to online services. This trend is also continuously evolving, as water delivery companies are providing their customers with the best available solutions to decrease the amount hassle.

Water delivery service providers are delivering big water bottles to the homes and offices these days. These water bottles can be easily delivered and these water companies are providing fresh and clean water to homes and offices with the help of these bottles.

Another change in the trend seen in the past few years is that these water companies are providing their customers with water filtration equipment. The water filters are portable and easy to install with the regular taps in the homes and in offices.

The best thing about water industry is that it is moving towards technological advancements and not lagging behind in any form. The us of Internet of Things (IoT) is a proof that these water companies are doing whatever they can to make access of clean water to large masses efficiently. With these technological advancements, the customers don’t face any lag when it comes to water delivery services.

Water delivery software are playing an important role in making it possible for these water companies to deliver water to the customers. Water companies must move forward with the advancements to make sure that they are providing the customers with what they deserve. And the best way to do so in this era is by choosing a good delivery management software.

Water Delivery Industry’s Future trends

As we have now discussed the trends that these water companies have to follow in this era. Let us have an insight over the changing trends and the trends of future for the water delivery industry. No matter if the things would get rough in the future, these trends would easily save the humanity from the curse of water scarcity.

Smart Monitoring Technologies

Developing nations are already following the smart monitoring system in this era. But the problems arises when it comes to the developing nations! In these developing nations usually a large amount of water is lost every day. This wasted water can be measured in million cubic meters per country. This water loss is making it harder for the water companies to cope up with the shortage of water.

Investing million and billions in water treatment plants is not a wise decision to be taken by the water industry. Rather water industry has to look for cheaper and more efficient ways to minimize this wastage of water.

Smart monitoring technologies include the use of electronic devices. These devices allow the service providers to make uninterrupted and pure water supply possible. These devices further allow a cloud-based centralized monitoring system that allow these industries to locate the leak and repair it efficiently and more quickly.

Efficient Irrigation

For these developing countries, a huge amount of fresh and clean water is used in the agriculture sector. Intelligent and efficient irrigation system can allow these countries to manage this wastage and shortage of water more efficiently. The technological advancements in this era can easily help in doing so.

Water distribution management softwares are one of the many opportunities for these water companies. With the help of these technological advancements you can provide certain benefits to the farmers.

This trend wouldn’t only help the farmers to cultivate better crops but it would also help the water industry to save a lot of water from going to waste.

Re-use of Water

The best way to save humanity from curse of water shortage is to promote re-usage of wastewater. This type of water might not be suitable for drinking purposes but it can allow us to save freshwater from

being used for cleaning purposes. Wastewater management can become a big step towards a better future.

There is a thing known as water recycling. This type of a process allows the water to be safe for re-usage. But this doesn’t mean that this water can be used for drinking purposes! The major goal for water re-use is to save more freshwater for drinking purposes.

This type of water can easily be used for cleaning purposes, in agriculture, and other such purposes. This also includes the huge amount of water used in bathrooms of each household every day. More uses of this type of water includes dust control, toilet flushing, industrial processes, concrete mixing, power plants, etc.

Desalination of Seawater

Seawater is the biggest source of water on earth. The process of desalination of seawater can save this world from water scarcity. The only problem is that desalination process is very costly. Even the usage of the machinery used in desalination is very expensive.

Water Delivery Software

As discussed above, these softwares take help from internet of things (IoT) to make it possible for the water supply companies to make efficient deliveries. These softwares have much to offer to the water companies. Some of the major benefits is that customers can order water with just a single click on their android or iOS gadgets. This ease is making it possible for the people to access clean water easily. Several features in this water delivery software make sure that there is no communication gap between the stakeholders. This makes the delivery services highly efficient and quick as compared to the conventional ways of managing water delivery services.

For quicker delivery of water to the desired destinations can be made easy with the help of these water delivery softwares. The good news is that now almost every water company is taking help from these water delivery softwares to make water easily accessible to people.

Especially, the water treatment and supply companies are now using online water delivery applications. With the help of these applications they are able to provide pure water to the people and save the time as well.

These softwares have to offer the water companies with several benefits. These benefits usually include:

Better Communication

The key behind providing freshwater to everyone is communication. The communication gap between the stakeholders usually makes it harder for the water companies to provide freshwater to the deserving people. This communication gap is eliminated with the help of these softwares and applications.

With the help of internet of things (IoT) the applications are interconnected with the help of the internet. This makes it easier for the people to put in a request for freshwater.

Faster Deliveries

With the help of these applications, the water companies are able to provide freshwater to the customers faster. Certain features like route-optimization makes it easier for the riders to reach the location quickly.


With these white label applications allow these water companies to educate people as well. These water companies can run specific campaigns with the help of these applications and educate the people about water shortage and the fact that every one has to play a part in saving water.

Facts and Figures Related to Water Shortage

WHO states that each year more than 1.6 million people in the world catch diarrheal diseases and die due to scarcity of fresh and pure water. This is a panic situation but unfortunately not much people are talking about it. If you have the access to pure water within your home then you are one of luckiest people alive in this era. We are saying this thing as around 844 million people across the globe are deprived of clean and fresh water.

A large number of people in developing nations do not have the access to freshwater through their taps. Rather they have to walk for miles to collect freshwater in pots and then bring it back to their homes. If we talk about rural Africa, then an average woman walks 6 kms daily to get 40 pounds of water.

It is estimated that by 2050, 1 in 4 people will live in a country with chronic fresh-water shortages. Moreover, around 90% of natural disasters are related to water. By this you can take a guess that we are going towards a very serious situation. Water companies have to do whatever they can to make their processes efficient.

Final Thoughts

Water shortage has already affected a huge part of this world. This situation is becoming even worse as more and more people are getting deprived of the access of fresh-water every day! Huge number of people are dying just because they don’t have any access to fresh-water. This is the times that water industry must take some big steps to save this world from this curse.

The best way for these water companies is to opt the latest trends of this era to make this situation better. on demand delivery management software can easily help people across the globe in this water shortage. People also have to act sane and save water for the future. There are many trends that are being followed across the globe to save water.