The Best Landing Page Plugins to Build a Successful WordPress Site

The Best Landing Page Plugins to Build a Successful WordPress Site

Do you want to generate more leads and do you have an urge to generate more revenue? Then!! definitely you need the well-designed and responsive landing page which helps to entice more users.

Landing pages play a significant role in your WordPress website development. It consists of a single page layout that informs your visitors the site is not live yet. This landing page helps to provide some brief information regarding your business.

In the landing page, you can add an email subscription which will increase your email subscribers and will boost the followers of your brand before the site is running completely.

You can choose the various WordPress plugins to build your landing page. Take assistance from the dedicated WordPress developers to help you to properly customize these plugins to make the landing page working more efficiently for the users.

Here we are going to review the best landing page plugins to build the successful WordPress site.

Top 9 Landing Page Plugins to Build Successful WordPress Site


Elementor is the world-leading plugin for creating the landing page. A page builder that delivers high-end page designs and advanced capabilities to users. The plugin has features of drag-and-drop which make it unique from others.

This plugin is best for the mobile and web-friendly website. It is very powerful and has exclusive designs.

Here are some features of the Elementor:

  • It is a very responsive plugin for landing pages. It produces 100% clean code. You can take your design vision and turn it into a stunning custom-made website.
  • Elementor helps to design the form visually and integrate them with your favourite marketing tools which will generate more traffic, leads & conversions.
  • The plugin is Extendable & Developer-Friendly.
  • The pricing starts from $0.00 for the free version and it charges $49 to $199 for the premium version.

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect has over 120 templates to create an attractive landing page. In this plugin, you don’t need any coding which makes it unique. The plugin offers you different factors to generate leads.

Here are the feature of  the Thrive architect:

  • It has an additional feature of 24/7 support.
  • Thrive architect has an easy to install wizard.
  • It has a pre-version conversion element.
  • You can easily customize the themes and switch the themes.

Landing Page Builder 

This plugin helps you to provide the effortless way to create the page. It has autoresponder integration which entices more users on the website. The plugin is very mobile-friendly and very lightweight. These are specially designed for creating the pages without any configuration.

Here are some features of the WP leading capture pages:

  • It has a drag and drop facility where you can create a page with ease.
  • The landing page builder is very speedy and extendable.
  • It has a clean design where you can design the multiple columns.
  • In-built templates make the layout very beautiful and sharp.
  • You can add the shortcodes.
  • Creators can customize the multiple columns.
  • The interface is very accessible even the naive user can access the form.
  • It keeps track of all the leads who have contacted you.
  • The plugin is very mobile friendly.

Lead Pages

Lead pages are compatible for small as well as for big businesses. The plugin will help you to find your niche by optimizing your pages, achieving your niche, optimizing using social media.

Here are the features of the Lead pages:

  • The plugin makes the page more responsive
  • The plugin is very SEO friendly.
  • It provides the fully optimized keywords. You can use one keyword or keyphrase.
  • It creates a faster and better experience.
  • There is no redundant content updated online.
  • You can choose the layout according to your chosen form.
  • It provides faster indexing and better results.

Insta builder

If you want to optimize the content, videos and images on your website within less storage then this is the right option for you.

Here are the feature of the Insta builder:

  • The plugin has 100+ templates.
  • The plugin helps to scan new uploads and change it into better size by removing useless data and comparing the images for a particular size.
  • It gives faster visitor access to the web page with a variety of other Insta builder with better compatibility
  • Insta builder has split testing which makes it more secure.

Optimize Press

The optimize press can easily develop a more responsive and better landing page. You can easily edit and view your changes in real-time on your landing page with the live editor.

Here are the features of the optimize press:

  • It makes a more responsive website.
  • The site works in the frontend and backend.
  • The plugin is very easy to use.
  • The developer can customize the colours and change the setting.
  • The website is original and legal. You don’t need to worry about any legal concern.
  • You can generate instant mobile-friendly pages with an in-built responsive design engine.
  • Developers can easily add the functionality via better safe and reliable servers.
  • Plugin includes beautiful and fast loading templates that are perfect for creating your membership portal or online course.


Qards is a page builder plugin for WordPress sites. You can easily build the beautiful pages with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. The Qards plugin can build the components like images, covers, grids, menus, footers, subscribe etc. Each element comes with its own settings option for easy customization.

Here are some features of Qards:

  • Qard are carefully-designed cards with more flexibility and simplicity.
  • Your site can customize the content to make your website unique.
  • Your site can choose the screen size with clean code.
  • You can choose any card and you can modify or edit.
  • Qards can use the native WordPress code.

WP Lead Capturing Pages

WP lead capturing images can build the best landing page for your website. The plugin has a drag and drop option which makes your landing page more enticing.

Here are some features of WP lead capturing pages:

  • The landing page has a drag and drop lead page builder.
  • Page has ten auto responder integrations.
  • You can add 30+ shortcodes.
  • The plugin is very easy to integrate.
  • There is no configuration needed.
  • The landing page is mobile-friendly.

WP Profit Builder

WP profit builder helps to create the profitable sales pages to promote your products. The plugin is a great option for you. You can effortlessly lead pages, sale pages, marketing pages etc.

Here are features of WP Profit builder:

  • The landing page has a drag and drop option which makes your website more appealing.
  • You don’t need any coding for design skills.
  • The plugin is optimized for conversions.
  • You can easily create the image of your website the way you want with better techniques.

Wrapping Up

Above, we have discussed some of the best landing page plugins to build successful WordPress Sites. These plugins are providing diverse opportunities for your business and entice more users by giving better experience.

Hopefully, the article gives you complete knowledge.

If you have any queries!! Feel free to ask in the comment section.

Thank you for reading!!