How many continuing education hours do you need to be an insurance agent in Florida?

How many continuing education hours do you need to be an insurance agent in Florida?

10 hours
For Title Agents: Florida requires that each title agent complete 10 hours of continuing education, including 3 hours of state-approved and license-specific ethics credits.

How many CE hours do I need for insurance?

How do I know how many continuing education hours I will need to renew my license? Property Broker-Agent and/or Casualty Broker-Agent, Personal Lines Broker-Agent, Life-Only and/or Accident and Health licensees must complete a total of twenty four (24) hours of continuing education for every two-year license term.

Who is exempt from taking CE classes in Texas?

Apply for an exemption: If you have been licensed in Texas for 20 years or more, you may qualify for a continuing education exemption.

How many hours of continuing education are required every 2 years for Florida life and health agents?

(a) Each licensee must complete 3 hours of continuing education, approved by the department, every 2 years on the subject matter of ethics.

How many hours of continuing education must producers compete every 2 years?

Title producers will only be required to complete 16 hours every 2 years. All producers must complete 3 hours of their required credits in Ethics. Producers must maintain a record of CE course completion for at least 4 years.

How do I keep track of CE credits?

Hear us out though, there are significantly more optimal ways to save both time and money while still tracking your CE at a high standard.

  1. Paper, Filing Cabinets and More Paper — Self-Management.
  2. Technology Self-Management.
  3. Tracking through an education site.
  4. Finding and tracking through an app.

How many hours of continuing education are required for Texas insurance agent?

Additionally, each resident agent must complete eight hours of continuing education that specifically relates to annuities during the agent’s two-year licensing period.

What are the continuing education requirements for a claim adjuster?

Please check the state websites for the most current regulations. DOL = CE for Work Comp Claims Examiners from Dept. of Labor is not required. Compliance is voluntary. DOI = Resident: 24hr/2yr. (1hr must address legislative changes to MT Ins Statutes) Approves courses in Ethics, Law, Conduct, Products, Marketing, Management.

How often do you have to take continuing education in Texas?

*Effective September 1, 2015, all Texas resident licensees (producers and adjusters) must complete 24 hours of CE every 2 year reporting period, including 2 hours of ethics. At least half (12 hrs) of the CE hours must be completed in a classroom setting or with classroom equivalent courses.

How many hours do you need for insurance in Texas?

10-hours of insurance CE, including 2-hours of ethics. At least 5-hours must be completed with classroom equivalent courses. At least 50% of their required CE hours in certified classroom or classroom equivalent courses. All other hours may be completed by taking courses approved in any line of authority.